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Expert Habitat is a certified professional in spécilaisé estate expertise and diagnostics.

The French regulations require sellers to houseowner real estate diagnoses for the sale of a property.

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Since 1997, the real estate market has seen gradually appear compulsory property diagnoses prior sale or rental before (surveying Carrez law and Boutin, diagnosis asbestos, termites diagnosis, diagnosis lead (CREP), diagnostic electricity, gas diagnosis, energy performance, diagnostics radon, state of natural and technological hazards as prefectural, etc ...)

But today, the situation is that the information of the purchaser still remains partial. No mandatory diagnosis before sale or before rental is exhaustive. In addition, and in many cases, diagnostic reports are rarely read and understood.
It is in this context that we had the idea to develop this type of mission, inspired by the Anglo-Saxon market. In the United States, Canada, 80% of transactions are carried out with a real estate inspection and, since 1975.
The idea is to offer a consumer service of inspecting impartially all the components and equipment that make up the property for sale and to identify disorders and to estimate the work of restoration of damage.
This mission to assist a buyer in its real estate purchase in order to identify potential disorders and knowing the financial impact on the total cost of the property purchase. Limit surprises that could thwart the project, wasting time or have financial trouble in the future.
A home inspection is actually an expertise building as part of a real estate transaction carried out by trained and experienced expert which is always the trade.
Thus there are two types of real estate inspection tour called pre-purchase or pre-sale visit.
An expert report called home inspection report is provided to our customer at the end of mission. It is very complete, includes details of apparent disorders identified with photos.
Contrary to what some may believe, all parties to the contract have delighted. The transaction becomes clearer, transparent. Nothing is forgotten, hidden, everything is explained.
The advantages of this home inspection are numerous:
The seller best values its good or is aware you have to do odd jobs to better sell or present it in a faster time. It fills with the expert an information sheet called "disclosure sheet" that will reassure their customers.
The buyer has a perfect knowledge of its real estate purchase: he knows his state, knows the work to be performed and the estimated cost has more maintenance tips for the future. For the expert building is generous tips. The buyer can not reverse its decision to poor condition of the building. He hands a clear and understandable by all inspection report, which will allow it to lower the sale price in the event of work through the arguments provided by the building expert. It can also be reinforced by the proposed price and reduce stress on the act of buying real estate.
The real estate agent or notary emerged partly from his professional responsibility in case of litigation about the condition of the property.
The pre-purchase visit
Buying a home is the biggest purchase of your life. But unlike most other purchases, no money back guarantee or return policy is provided if the house does not meet the purchaser. If problems occur after the purchase, the new owner must pay for repairs related to these disorders. Otherwise, the buyer is obliged to seek a judicial remedy before the Tribunal. Which is long and very expensive, without being certain of the outcome. This is why home inspection is part of a transparent approach, win-win between buyer and seller.
It is essential to know the status of the proposed property BEFORE buying property becomes final.
The pre-sale visit
A pre-sale inspection allows the seller to provide the potential buyer an unbiased view of the property. In addition, it can help the seller to justify a higher price due to repairs. Or, the inspector could notify the seller of a problem requiring immediate intervention that could cancel a sale or complicated. Finally, the pre-sale tour provides better protection against future claims by the purchaser. The pre-sale visit is to the benefit of the seller and the buyer through transparency it brings to the transaction.
The expert building, skilled in the art and experience, is ground for this mission both a technical and human. It invites sellers and potential buyers to contact him in the context of a discussion on the visit of home inspection when the real estate agent or notary has its place.
Purpose of the mission of a property inspection
The purpose of the mission "home inspection" is to provide the customer with impartial information required on the state of a building for sale, as observed at the time of the visit. The inspector is a visual examination of all the apparent books, equipment and all components installed and easily accessible. Following its review, the inspector provides the customer a verbal report on the day of the visit and a written report a few days later, with supporting photographs.
Inspected construction elements are:
The structural work, visible foundations
The outside (fence ...)
The roof
The heating, cooling
• Ventilation
• Sanitation
The various equipment
And special element attached to the building
The real estate inspection report identifies rational construction elements and equipment that require immediate or major repairs as a roof or affecting the security of goods and people.
Disclosure sheet is developed by the expert and signed by the seller. It provides many answers to any buyer. It reassures and proves the seriousness of the vendor. It is annexed to real estate inspection report.
The price: a low cost in relation to the issue
We have established a flat rate accessible by many. With our experience, we know that a house of 100 m² is inspected in detail in 3 or 4 hours with the comments and synthesis end of the visit.
It is in these conditions that we offer this service to 399 , including travel, report in hand, for a unit in a normal surface (<120 m²).
Delivery reports
We operate within the convenience of the parties; provided that, if there is a pre-purchase business, the purchaser must be present. Otherwise, we would lose much of the interest of the mission. The verbal report is immediate end of the visit.

The written report is provided in PDF format in your customer area on our secure server usually within 72 hours unless circumstances beyond the expert.